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CyberXE is committed to delivering on our promise of teaching non disposable skills of the future and making high-quality education accessible and affordable to individuals, companies, and schools around the world. We do this by collaborating with more than 20 top-tier secondary schools across the United States, with plans to expand to Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, China and Africa by 2025. CyberXE’ fast track training, certificates, career advancement and professional programs help individuals learn new skills and transform their lives, and become leaders at some of the largest companies in the world. Our unique model of state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors and coaches has educated students who have landed employment opportunities at global companies around the world including but not limited to Nordstrom, Ernst and Young, Meta, Google, IBM and more. Founded in 2021, CyberXE, has more than 20+ team members globally and offices in New York, Delaware, Los Angeles, Houston and Mexico.

William TJ Sims | Founder and Executive Director

William TJ Sims is a Cyber Security Engineer by trade with 7+ years of experience in all facets of Incident and Security Management, Intrusion Detection, and Global Security Risk Management. He is also the Founder of CyberXE, a leading online career development program that specializes in Cybersecurity and all facets of Professional Development that expose, educate and teach high school, college students and mid-career professionals how to secure a six-figure career in cyberspace. William is a published author, thought leader, disruptor and visionary who offers adept career coaching strategies in order to transcend the next generation of young elite leaders by developing the necessary skills needed to position themselves for a bulletproof career in the age of Information Technology. He is currently one of the youngest members to serve on the 2022 Forbes Executive Business Council.

Antoine Matthews | Security Engineer

Antoine Matthews is a cybersecurity engineer and professional with an accomplished sales and marketing background that transitioned into cybersecurity. His skills in sales, marketing, communications, and leadership have allowed to ensure a successful career transition working for some of the top companies in the world including SOCBox, Moss Adams and Google. He holds a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and possesses multiple cybersecurity and cloud certifications including CEH, CompTIA Pentest+ and AWS Solutions Architect. He is a passionate ethical hacker, offensive security expert and host of the following YouTube series: Learn to Hack with Antoine Matthews, a channel dedicated to teaching security concepts with practical and hands-on tools.

Keenan Kunzelman | Security Engineer

Keenan is a Senior Software and Security Engineer with extensive programming experience in a variety of programming languages. In addition to his adept technical experience, he is a Vulnerability Management Consultant and leading force on IBM's X-Force Offensive Security team. He holds an Associate's degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Keenan enjoys work involving offensive security, programming, computer networking and data science.

Steve Wertheim | Program Advisor

Steve is a Senior software consultant, enterprise architect, professional services manager and technical trainer. He brings 30+ years of experience in technology and management. His management of overall client relationship and client success for both software vendors and service providers has earned him a stellar reputation. He is an accomplished public speaker and technical trainer who holds a Ph.D in Brain and Cognitive Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Wasim Hajjari | Executive Career Coach

Wasim is a Forbes published Executive Career Coach, Council member and #1 Best Selling Author specialized in helping Professionals (Junior to Director Level) land their dream job, a job where not only will you feel fulfilled and passionate about what you’re doing but also get paid what you’re really worth. He is the definition of relentless. Defying the odds, he journeyed from Jordan with an electrical engineering degree to graduate with an MBA master’s degree from the prestigious UCSD, The Rady school of management which is one of the best universities globally. With his heart set on getting his dream job at Qualcomm, he finally met victory after going through 55 recruiters, 20 receptionists, and 25 different job interviews! Wasim is a proven natural athlete who whittled his body fat down to a minuscule 5% to win 3 Gold Medals and a world-class ranking in fitness. He is also a boxer competing for team USA.

Charminta Brown | Executive Career Coach

Charminta is a solutions-driven learning and development leader with 7+ years of organizational leadership, training, performance management, and career coaching experience. She enables businesses to drive talent acquisition and generate revenue by managing employee retention, improving employee productivity, and building organizational talent & workforce capabilities. Char has a track record of leading end-to-end HR department delivery, including implementing HR business solutions, developing training curricula, managing payroll and curating a positive workplace culture.

John Seaward | Business Development Manager

John has over 15+ years of experience in the private education field working in a variety of roles including teaching, Director of Admissions and everything in between. Understanding how his in depth experience could help schools develop, John became an independent school consultant working directly with schools to develop innovative programs and curriculum to increase enrollment and help schools grow programmatically. John is the Founder and President of SH Education Consulting, a top consulting agency placing students in elite secondary schools and colleges/universities across the U.S. His passion for giving students access to innovative learning experiences excites him. John joins CyberXE as Senior Director of Business Development responsible for leading academic partnership expansion and growth

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